Taking Magnesium With Vitamin D

It is important to know about the connection between vitamin D and magnesium, if you are regularly taking vitamin D, to avoid side effects and also how it maximizes absorption. Basically nutrients are incapable of working alone especially when it is associated with vitamin D. So, to strike a proper balance it becomes important to take vitamin D magnesium and not just large doses of vitamin D because it can cause vitamin D side effects, which many people believe. But, these side effects are nothing more than symptoms of magnesium deficiency. The cause of these symptoms is due to the use of magnesium by vitamin D for converting into its active form so that it can be absorbed in the bloodstream.

Importance of Vitamin D and Magnesium

vitamin d magnesium happy couple 150x150 Taking Magnesium With Vitamin DAs time is passing by, people and their physicians are getting aware about the fact that vitamin D has lot of benefits to offer when it comes to their health. They are also realizing the fact that what impact it can have on their health if they have long periods of vitamin D deficiency symptoms. People who are suffering from this deficiency have realized the proximity of the problem and the consequences it can have on their health.

However, what the health care professionals have failed to address is the actual reason for occurrence of vitamin D side effects. They have failed to mention that the reason that one experiences side effects is not due to the consumption of vitamin D, but is because of not consumption of enough magnesium. The problem can be averted by taking vitamin D magnesium. Thus, this shows that there is a connection between magnesium and vitamin D.

Awareness of the symptoms

Though lot of research has been done in this field, not many people are aware of the symptoms and consequences. This is because there are people who have undiagnosed vitamin D deficiencies along with equal number people with undiagnosed magnesium deficiencies. Also not many tests are available to find out if there is any magnesium deficiency in the body.  Many a times, a person deficient in both vitamin D and magnesium is diagnosed only with vitamin D deficiency and is given necessary doses of only vitamin D supplements. In such situations, the patient develops side effects which are often thought to be because of vitamin D supplements, but the actual reason for the adverse effects is magnesium deficiency which was never diagnosed. To avoid complications vitamin D magnesium is the perfect solution as it ensures that body gets both vitamin D and magnesium.

Common Symptoms

Some of the common symptoms experienced by most of us who take vitamin D supplements are insomnia, muscle cramps, heart palpitation, headaches, anxiety and constipation.

These symptoms are similar to that of magnesium deficiency and are often confused with the side-effects of vitamin D. These problems can easily be avoided if we take the recommended dose of magnesium along with vitamin D. Thus, this shows that the symptoms can be prevented by taking vitamin D magnesium. However, the magnesium intake must be according to the mentioned dosage in the page outlined as magnesium dosage.

Why it is Necessary to Take Magnesium with Vitamin D?

We know, that vitamin D to get absorbed in the bloodstream requires magnesium to convert it into its active state, and it is also a fact that vitamin D blood levels will fail to rise in those who are already magnesium deficient, irrespective of their vitamin D consumption. Therefore, it becomes important to study vitamin D magnesium interrelationship. The vitamin D magnesium relationship can be easily understood from the following:

In order to convert into its active form, vitamin D uses magnesium as a medium and gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Magnesium is also an essential element to help the conversion of vitamin D to its active state

Link between Vitamin D and Magnesium

The vitamin D magnesium is an essential requirement because it acts in both ways. Not only magnesium gets reduced, but vitamin D will not be able to convert unless and until there is enough availability of magnesium to help in the conversion process. The vitamin D magnesium is of great help to those whose level of vitamin D fail to rise up in spite of taking vitamin D regularly. For those of you who are suffering from this problem, vitamin D magnesium intake together can help.

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5 Responses to Taking Magnesium With Vitamin D

  1. Chase Lafoon

    Some might not know about Vitamin D but you should aim to get at least 15-30 mins of sunlight daily. This is because your body will organically create the Vitamin D the minute your body is exposed to sunlight. If you usually wear sunscreen all the time, for this time frame, stop wearing it. This is because the chemicals in the sunscreen will block your body’s natural absorption of sunlight. Another great benefit of sunshine is that it is great for fighting fatigue and depression. If you have medium to dark skin, then you should try to stay out for 10 minutes more in the sun to receive all the benefits.

  2. Lasandra Burns

    Vitamin D aids in preventing osteoporosis, an unpleasant disease caused by the thinning of bones. It is almost always considered that calcium deficiency is responsible for weakening of bones leading to fractures and mobility problems but research has revealed that together with calcium, deficiency of Vitamin D is equally accountable for unhealthy bones.

  3. Jackelyn Shenk

    It is useful to know that consuming Vitamin D is useful for treating chronic pains. Since a lot of diseases induce pain and in some way or the other, are triggered off by lack of vitamin d in the body, supplementation of vitamin D can help treat it.

  4. Gilbert Bonyai

    Vitamin D behaves in such a way within the body that it’s classified as a hormone. It’s in an important task the mineral homeostasis that deals with the unsafe effects of the gene expression as well as that of cellular differentiation. Vitamin D may be the only known substance which stimulates the procedure for absorption of calcium as well as the phosphorus contained in food into the small intestine, particularly in the jejunum region, as well as boosts the kidney’s capacity within the re-absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which makes it necessary to maintain the concentration of these minerals in the process of blood and bone mineralization.

  5. Katherina Menezes

    Because some of you might not know, vitamin D is a great supplement to take as proper supplementation prevents you from getting sick as often, especially if you are prone to a lot of allergies. If you have sufficient amounts of vitamin D in your diet, you are less prone to certain illnesses than you usually are.

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